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About Us

At CH-LEAD Industrial Supply, we redefine excellence as a versatile supplier of industrial parts and services of industrial materials, equipment, and other industrial needs.  

CH-LEAD as your partner

Our commitment as your trusted partner is exemplified through our complete delivery and service acceptance of any industrial needs. Striving for nothing less than perfection, a highest level of quality is a vital concern of CH-LEAD Industrial Supply, ensuring that we do not just meet your expectations, we exceed them. 

Global Sourcing, Local Expertise

Our product line boasts contributions from esteemed sources, manufacturers, and global innovators hailing from the USA, Europe, China, Japan, and Singapore. This ensures that the solutions we provide are not only cutting-edge but also meticulously curated to meet the evolving needs of the industry.

Technical Prowess and Specialization

What sets us apart is our skilled team's technical proficiency in various specializations. Regular quality system reviews drive our continuous improvement. You'll receive not only products but expert-backed solutions.


Continuously innovate and improve our skills to provide the right industrial solutions. Committed to producing quality products at a competitive cost, and providing on-time deliveries and exceptional service, we aim to uphold the values of high business ethics, standards, and practices.


To be the most diversified and prominent group in providing the right industrial solutions for every needs.



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